Robin Kall has always been an avid reader.


Whether it was getting copies of Judy Blume novels from Mrs. DeWeese as a child growing up on Long Island, or devouring the likes of Tom Perrotta as an adult, Robin is never without a book, just ask her kids. Mom always said, “Never leave home without a book!” Here are some fun facts that you may not know about Robin … She:

  • is famously known as a “book pusher,” “fairy book mother,” and “all around nice person”

  • wears sandals without socks in the winter

  • can recite nearly every line of Legally Blonde from start to finish

  • could eavesdrop in Siberia

  • despises mushrooms having never actually knowingly eaten one

  • made the cutting room floor of Sex and The City, the movie

  • has been known to like shows that last one season

In 2002, after hosting author events and merchandising several local bookstores, Robin founded the highly regarded talk radio show "Reading With Robin," which is now available on podcast [see Reading With Robin for more information]. 

Blending her platform with passion, and a little bit of caffeine, Robin became one of Rhode Island’s most prominent and outspoken personalities in the fight against breast cancer. After the passing of her mother Carol in 1997, it became Robin’s mission to both educate women on the importance of early detection and advocate for them as well. In 2009, Robin and her sisters, Laura and Jennifer, established the Love Carol Foundation to honor their mother’s memory and invest in types of projects that were important to her.

In 2016, with the assistance of her cohort and daughter Emily, Robin added to her literary tale as they launched the now 2x award-winning The Cardigan Connection (formerly Point Street Reading Series), which brings together people looking for a good story and fun night.  

For the most up-to-date information, you can follow Robin on Twitter @robinkall, on Instagram @robinkallink, and “like” both Reading With Robin and The Cardigan Connection on Facebook.